God is always trying to speak to us. If today you hear a word from God, don’t harden your heart. Don’t accept it then forget it and do nothing with it. When you do that, He’ll send you a bigger wake up call. And if you keep hardening your heart, if you are a child of God, eventually He will crush it. He will destroy your flesh and the selfish life you have created. I know this from experience. So spare yourself that trouble.

Stop repeating the same pattern over and over. You are on a merry go round. You think maybe it’s taking you somewhere but it’s not. Open your ears and consider that you can step off at any time. You’ve already mastered the merry go round. You think it’s the destination and the path, but it’s a really small game. The path of false progress rooted in a selfish desire for self improvement with the goal of achieving your self ordained life goals. That is an empty path. It is a fruitless path.

Real quality of life starts when you surrender. When you give up trying to define yourself. When you give up trying to fit, into some worldly concept of good and success. It begins when you tap into your Godly heart and true spirit, and begin to live and breath from that authentic fearless place. When your being becomes focused on God and what He has for you, not what you want for yourself. Ask what God wants for you and from you, not what He can do for you.

True prayer is relinquishing your own desires in favor of learning what His are. It’s conforming our will to His, not asking Him to conform to ours. Do that today. And every day here after. Do it in every moment you can. Ask God to soften your heart and teach you to surrender, and you will find rest for your soul. You will find peace that surpasses all understanding. And you will be so overjoyed and thankful that you did, and that’s when your life will really change. That’s when suddenly, because of one simple shift inside you, greatness and true success will manifest.

It is a perfect irony. Don’t do, trust. Don’t force, be open. Give your life daily and completely to Jesus, and He will give you more and better than you thought possible.