Christian clothing lines appear to be more popular than ever in 2016. With the advent of eCommerce and the relative ease of creating an online store, dozens of new “brands” are popping up. Also, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow people to build a “following” and establish an effective advertising platform. Most Christian clothing brands mostly consist of “Christian T shirts” that either quote directly from the Bible or paraphrase Bible verses. Styles are pretty similar with modern fonts and the same basic images of Christian motifs.

“Not of This World” or “NOTW” is perhaps the longest standing Christian clothing line that was recently purchased by Mardel. They used to have their own retail outlets in malls but I am not sure they do anymore. NOTW was a solid brand based on Colossians 2:8 but I am not sure what their fate will be after this acquisition. So since there are such a variety of Christian clothing options but no clear dominant brand, how do you go about choosing one?


Criteria for Best Christian Clothing Lines


  1. The Look: Though you may be wearing this piece of clothing for what it stands for and maybe how you want to affect the world, you still want to look good. So, as with any clothing purchase, the first thing you want to make sure is that you like the way it looks. Don’t buy clothing, especially a T Shirt, unless you’re basically in love with the look. That way, when you wear it you will feel better about it and not regret your purchase.
  2. Quality and Fit: Once you’ve found a look you like, you have to make sure it is high quality and proper fitting. I don’t care how gorgeous a piece of clothing is, if it is too big or too small it does not look good. Even a less attractive or silly shirt looks good if it fits you perfectly. So, look for shirts that are primarily Cotton or perhaps a blend with Rayon and Polyester if you like your shirts a little softer. I prefer the blends because they tend to maintain their size through washing. Most brands will offer high quality garments, but that can be the danger in online shopping. You won’t know the quality until you use the garment, so I recommend buying an inexpensive item like one T shirt before making a larger purchase.
  3. Ease of Shopping: The point of online shopping, which is where you will find most Christian clothing lines, is for it to be easy and painless. You want to find a provider that has an easy to use website with a quick and understandable checkout process. If the website is ugly and difficult to choose, or you are running into errors along the way, it is probably best to avoid that brand. Good business owners who care about their customers go to great lengths to make sure the website and shopping experience is as easy as possible.
  4. Customer Support: When you’re making a purchase online, especially clothing, you don’t if it’s going to fit or if you will be in love with the garment. So, you want to choose a company that offers fantastic support. Look for reviews online and find a brand that will accept free returns without asking questions. Also, if they offer free shipping that is a nice feature. Some companies may be even pay your return shipping.


Overall, there are a significant amount of Christian clothing lines today, and you will want to use these basic shopping criteria to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. There is nothing worse than buying a piece of clothing only to find out you hate it and not being able to return it. So much clothing is wasted so make sure you love an item before you buy it. Shopping online can be an impulsive experience, so maybe try adding the items you like to the cart, but sleep on it before you complete the decision. A fresh pair of eyes in the morning may see something difficult than your initial reaction. Also, combining shopping with alcohol can be dangerous. Just kidding, but seriously. Happy shopping friends.