Christian clothing brands increase in popularity daily. With the advent of social media and online shopping, it is easier than ever to start a brand. That allows more people to get involved and launch a clothing brand, with the lower cost of entry. There are also dozens of suppliers available with the click of a mouse who will produce your custom hats, t shirts, and hoodies. But are there any quintessential Christian clothing brands? Brands that resonate the way Coca Cola and Ford do? Not really. NOTW or C28 is the only company that managed to build a brand image, mostly through their retail stores. There are what someone sometimes thinks of when they hear Christian clothing.

PureBold wants to become that brand unanimous with Christian lifestyle and Christian clothing. We believe that through a Christ centered mission and clean design, our brand will resonate with a large population of Christians. Today our faith has been watered down by some. From the TV “pastors” who preach self-victory and conveniently avoid talking about sin and Christ, to the mega Churches that also avoid topics like repentance. It seems very few voices of leadership want to confront the tough issues in the Bible like what it really means to follow Christ. Do we really have to give up our sin? The world needs a voice that truly reflects God’s word and His desires for His people.

Now, there are many great Christian clothing brands online that have Christ centered and Biblical messages. But few if any have actually established a “brand” with name recognition. They are mostly individual t shirts with no cohesive brand message. The PureBold founding team comes from a background of traditional business and marketing along with Biblical studies, and wants to combine the two. We want to run PureBold as well as a large popular secular brand, and combine it with the Gospel message. Some companies neglect sound business principles when their mission is “non-profit” in nature. We don’t think you have to sacrifice commercial success or Godliness in doing business. In fact, following the principles of the Bible like diligence, honesty, and serving others, you can build an amazing business with the right principles. God’s way works, plain and simple.

So hopefully someday when you think “Christian clothing brands” you think PureBold. We will put tremendous effort into every product we create, so that when you buy PureBold you know you are getting top quality with hours of research behind every detail. We are obsessed with doing great business and serving the Lord. We hope to be serving you as our customer someday soon as well.