Colored Golf Glove Fitting Guide


Welcome to PureBold and thank you for visiting. Along with your help, we are positioning ourselves to revolutionize the golf industry. Golf products have been too outdated for too long. The system has been so ingrained that you as the consumer and user have had to suffer from the same limited options. With the advent of our premium colored golf gloves as the first of our products, we are going to be filling the gaps in your golf equipment, golf apparel, and golf accessories options.

We start by thinking of you and what you want and need, not simply what will sell best and for the best margins. We don't have massive distribution that can roll out any mediocre, boring product and just be satisfied with normal sales. PureBold has to make its products count, because we know we only get one first chance with you, the true owner of our business. That's why we started with an often oversighted piece of equipment: the golf glove. Many players are obsessed with their driver, putter, wedges, etc. But what is the piece of equipment that is common to nearly every shot you take? Your glove. It is the only physical equipment connection between you and your golf club. Make it count. Do you want a thick synthetic barrier between you and your grip and the feel of striking a pure golf shot? No, you want the pure feel and bold look of the softest second skin around: The PureBold classic, premium AA cabretta leather golf glove. A little style never hurts either, because when you are confident and excited about the way you look, it transfers to your game.

Please visit our store and consider trying the extremely soft and stylish AA cabretta leather golf gloves we have spent months perfecting in the hope of impressing you. Contact us immediately using the "Connect" page if you have any questions or need assistance and we will be happy to help you right away. And, stay tuned for some awesome new golf accessories to be unveiled soon...